Sunday, 13 September 2015

Build Season 17 ~ 1 month away

 Thank you -- see you this Fall  


  1. I looking forward . Don't forget us whose not Hams

    1. No worries Mik. I feel/hope I've developed enough skills and knowledge to make some decent experiments at VHF -- UHF. My site and now blog has never been a Ham site -- more just a " radio site " with emphasis on receivers.

      My target audience = the test - and - measure clan; hardware, analog; although I'll apply more logic circuitry for tasks like dividing, squaring and setting up I Q signals <= VHF. No Arduino -- there's a ton of great people doing that and I'll stay off the bandwagon..

      Few scratch home builders at UHF it seems?

      Anyhow -- should be fun.

  2. Hi Vasily,
    nice samples,what model is the Rigol?

  3. Hi Kostas

    I run a 3 GHz lab. I’m taking an Internet holiday for 2-3 weeks and then will hopefully come back in mid October. My lab is completely torn apart. I’m building a new, larger bench – imagine me surrounded by test equipment.

    Also building a new server to run my LAN and security cameras. I’m adding 3 more outdoor cameras (hybrid visible light/infrared). I can watch my bench/house from Smart Phone and also receive data from the digital boxes. All of the camera code and some of the server code is our own. A ton of work lies ahead including calibrating test stuff + isolating and decoupling some of the computer equipment. Can't wait to actually work in my new lab.

  4. Hi Vasily,
    large work waiting you that means many hours to build the lab,I can imagine you surrounded with many instruments like spectrum analyzer,oscilloscope,multimeter,every kind of rf items.....
    I'm interested το buy a spectrum analyzer for me,have you any proposal?
    Starting step by step to build my own lab for hobby..