Old pops.net site downloads & info

I killed my old pops.net site: QRP/SWL HomeBuilder on October 5, 2014.

Starting October 14, we automatically redirect all old site traffic to this blog.

We archived most of the site into a single pdf file [38.6 MB]. A logistic mess
— the old site numbered almost 1000 image files, so I dropped many larger images to preserve the written content in the pdf file.

You may download this pdf file from 2 locations:

Courtesy of Jason, NT7S. NT7S Blog
Download Link

Courtesy of Steve, VK2JA. VK2JA Web site
Download Link

My sincere thanks to these builders for hosting the file!

Need any schematics from the old site archive that look truncated or missing?  just email and I will send them to you.
Further, you may download my old Windows programs (W1JR) Q = 1 Diplexer and NPN DC Bias here:



Thanks to Steve and Jason for hosting these files once again.