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Jupiter Modular Receiver Main Index

I call my Jupiter receive system ( radio telescope ) Radionova 1.

Receiving decametric emissions [ 3 - 30 MHz ] from Jupiter seems a good place to start in homebrew radio astronomy. I'll index all of my various Jupiter project modules here so you can find them over time.  I'll slowly populate this page with content in Fall 2016 so please bear with me as I get it done.


[1] Introduction and block diagram of all the modules  Click

[2] Antenna  Click

[3] Input filter and preamplifier   Click

[4] Local Oscillator  Click

[5] Main Zero IF receiver with 2 outputs  Click

[6] Audio frequency amplifier plus line out   Click

[7] Log amplifier   Click

[8] ADC    Click

[9] Slow background remover

Above. "Live" testing after LOG module completed. Meter not yet re-labelled with S - units.